Event Overview


The 32km, 23km and 13km event are open to individual runners and walkers. Individual runners may also team up in threes with their combined times added to provide the team result. There will prizes for the first three men and women as well as age category winners. There is also a prize for the first man and women to reach the Waikawau lookout at 8km and 350m.

This year there are also some special team categories. 

The 13 km has a special Corporate team category whereby each team member completes the 10km and the team with the highest average time wins. This  team race is known as the Cranleigh Challenge and all team members should be from the same organisation.

Every three years we  run the Kauri Ultra, a 76km trail run from Port Jackson to Coromandel. The next ultra will be held in 2018.

Event Options


The run is designed as a challenging and varied trail run with a number of distinct stages.

The run starts on the eastern coast of the Coromandel on Waikawau beach and finishes in Coromandel Township. It takes runners along the rugged spine of the Coromandel Pensinsula with 360 dgree veiws of the Pacific ocean and Hauraki Gulf. Its one of the most challenging 32km trail runs on the calendar but the rewards for finishing make all that effort worthwhile.


This is a new distance and is open to runners and walkers.

The race starts at the White Star Station and finishes in Coromandel Township.

The run winds it way up to the central divide and joins the Kauri Classic after about 8km. It then follows the same course as the Kauri Classic and takes competitors along the central divide, across the Kaipawa and down the Success into Coromandel township.



This is a new run is designed as a challenging and varied trail run which starts and finishes in Coromandel township. 


We expect that times for the loop will be between 1 and 2 hours. It can be done as a run or a walk.



The run is designed as a challenging and varied trail run with a number of distinct stages. It is one of the more difficult runs on the Ultra calendar and is only held every three years and is being held in our next edition of the Great Cranleigh Kauri Run.
Stage 1 – Coromandel Walkway
Stage 2 – Three Stones
Stage 3 – Waikawau
Stage 4 – The Central Divide
Stage 5 – The Kaipawa
Stage 6 – The Success

The run starts in the remote and rugged northern point of the Coromandel at the Stony Bay campsite. Runners will see the sunrise as they make their way along the beautiful Coromandel walkway with stunning views across to Great Barrier Island.
The runners proceed to the even more remote eastern coastline and Three Stones Bay before joining the classic runners at Waikawau Bay.
The run continues along one of the most spectacular beaches in the world at Waikawau beach before proceeding up onto the central divide. It then takes runners along the rugged spine of the Coromandel Peninsula with 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean and Hauraki Gulf.
The most difficult and highest point on the course takes runners to the 580m Kaipawa Trig which towers over Coromandel township. From here it is literally downhill all the way to the finish line in Coromandel Township.

Current Race Champions

Kauri Classic - 32km

Mens Sjors Corporaal 2:33:45,  Womens Jo Bannister 3:37:18

Kauri Half - Marathon - 23km

Mark Lee 2:00:49, Dawn Tuffery 2:21:44 

Kauri Crossing - 13km

Mens Lance Downie 1:02:40, Flyn Hastings 1:16:41

Kauri Ultra - 70km (old course)

Mens Kerry Suter 7:05:19, Womens Kirsten Milne  8:23:02

Kauri Planting Programme

Each year the Spirit of Coromandel Trust will plant a kauri tree along the trail for every competitor that takes part in the event. The trust will also undertake to maintain them in the important first few years of growth. To date 3,110  kauri  have been planted covering a distance of 12km, and these can be seen at the beginning of the Waikawau Trail all the way to the White Star Station.

The Cranleigh Challenge

The Cranleigh Challenge is a team race with all team members belonging to the same organisation.

All team members complete the 13km Kauri Loop and the average time of the team will be calculated.  

The team must have at least 4 team members and there  is no maximum. All team members must complete  the course.

The team with the quickest average time  ( four fastest runners) will be declared winners and will win a special mystery prize from Cranleigh.

The details of the prize cannot be divulged at this stage, but it will involve lots of fun.

Cranleigh - Our Primary Sponsor

At Cranleigh, we like to think we bring a refreshingly down to earth, go-getting Kiwi style to the world of Corporate Advisory.  Even though we have offices in Auckland and Sydney, we like nothing better than to be outdoors.

Always ready for adventure, the Cranleigh team is proud to be principal sponsor of the Kauri Run. Our practice has a strong environmental focus so it’s only natural that we should support an event that promotes New Zealand’s amazing natural heritage and supports efforts to combat climate change through the replanting of native forest.

Cranleigh started in New Zealand over 18 years ago and we specialise in Corporate Advisory and Finance – and whatever challenge you care to throw at us - www.cranleighmb.com