Information 32km and 23km

The Competition

The main competition will be for the overall mens and womens quickest time in each event. The first three positions will be recognised. Age Category winners for men and women will also be recognised in each event.

For the 32km event there will also be a King and Queen of the Mountains awarded to the first runners to reach the Waikawau Lookout at the 8km mark.

The winners of each competition will receive a beautiful kauri bowl produced by local wood turner Clive Wilson.

Age category winners in each event will also be recognised:

Course Map


32 KM Course Profile

Start Times

Runners and Walkers Classic - 32km

These events start on Waikawau Beach at the civilised time of 10.30 am on Saturday Morning. The Race Briefing is at 10.00am. There will be a bus service, if you require it, departing from Coromandel at 8:30am.

Waters are permitted to start from 9.00am onwards.

Runners and Walkers (23km) 

This event starts a little earlier from the White Star Station, near Colville at 10.00am with the Race Briefing at 9.45am. There will be a bus service if you need it leaving Coromandel School at 8.30am.

Compulsory Gear

The weather in Coromandel in April is generally settled but conditions can get very cold, wet and windy up on the Coromandel ranges at any time of the year. For this reason you must carry or wear a windproof jacket and polyprop top and carry a survival blanket with you. It is a long race and we recommend you carry enough water and food for the duration of the race. There will be a number of water and Balance stops on route with some limited refreshments. The race is supported by a comprehensive safety plan.

Water and Fuel Stops

These will be provided at the following 3 points : - The Lookout at 8km mark (32km and 13km), The Central Divide (half way) (32km only) and the The Tokoteat (22km mark for the 32km and 11km mark for the 21km).

There will be water and electrolytes available along with some bananas and oranges


Each competitor will be provided with a race number which must be visible at all times.


The race will be supported by comprehensive safety backup including land based marshals and paramedic support on the course.

Consideration For The Land

To enable us to run this event we have sought permission from a number of private landowners, DOC and other interested parties. It is important that we treat the land that we pass through with respect. To this end it is a compulsory requirement that everyone carry out their own rubbish including personal waste.

Training For The Race

This is a tough race and will be all the more enjoyable if you are well prepared for it. We have provided a suggested training programme for your information.