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Race Rules

The event takes place on public roads which are OPEN to other road users. The roads are extremely narrow in places and there are a number of steep and windy ascents and descents. There is no road closure.

In 2008 there was a serious accident during the K2 because some of the above rules were not adhered to. Some bunches were several riders wide and crossing the centre line and some cyclists were being followed by support vehicles.

This is not acceptable and puts cyclists and other road users safety in jeopardy. The police will stop supporting the event if this behaviour continues.

Race Rules

Race rules encompass the NZ Road Code, the Cycling NZ Rules and some specific event rules designed for participant safety.

These rules are as follows:

 I acknowledge and agree that,

(a)I am aware of the dangers of road racing and the real risk of injury and accept all risks flowing from my participation in this event;

(b)I am responsible for reading and understanding any written race instructions;

(c)I will abide by all race rules and directions issued by the event organisers and will obey all relevant road rules;

(d)Briefings, signage, and course marshals, are a service to me and other competitors but are not a guarantee of safety;

(e)Should circumstances require a change of format or categories within this event, I consent to those changes being made by the organisers;

(f)As the organisers cannot control every eventuality, I release all persons associated with this event from any claims arising out of my participation;

(g)If I am involved in an accident, I will not seek to blame or make a claim against the organisers; nor will I assist anyone else in making such a claim;

(h)In the event of an accident I consent to receiving any medical treatment the event organiser or medical or paramedical personnel think necessary;

(i)I am responsible for the roadworthiness and safety of my bicycle and the security of all other equipment and personal possessions used in connection with this event;

(j)If I have any concerns with the race organisation, I will raise them with the organisers first.

K2/ K1 / Nicholas Browne Challenge Event Specific Rules


Support Traffic

K2 - Relay

K1 - Support

Nicholas Browne Challenge – Support

Breach of Rules

a)Riders that are seen being supported or who are seen on the wrong side of the road, or blatantly littering or being towed, will be disqualified from the race and the organisers reserve the right to exclude those riders from future events.

b)Any complaints or protests about the race and penalties imposed for breaching the rules of the race, must be lodged with the race director within 3 days of the running of the event.


Regardless of your cycling ability there are basic road riding rules that must be adhered to at all times, for the safety of you and other road users.

Some other basic road safety tips to ensure an enjoyable and safe ride include, make sure your seat is at the right height, brakes should be within easy reach of the hands, check that both rear and front brakes are working well.

Take adequate food and water and remember to eat and drink.