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Flight Centre K2 2017

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The 2017 Flight Centre K2 will take place on  Saturday 28th October.

Individual Riders 


Junior Riders  (Under 19) - 50% of Adult Price

Group Entries (5 for 4)

If you enter as a group of 5 people the 5th person is free of charge


Flight Centre K2 Gift Vouchers 

Flight Centre K2 Gift vouchers can be purchased through the online entry system at current promotional entry price for each event. You will emailed the Gift Voucher with a special code that allows the recipient to enter directly through the online entry system


Bus to Start Line ( no bikes) 

Late Entry Fees of $20 (K1 and NBC = $10) per person  will be applied from the 13th October 2017.

Limited Entries

Entries are limited to 900 riders in the Flight Centre K2. Riders will be asked to estimate time on entry (see next  section on starting groups).

Online Entry 

To enter please use our secure on-line system with payment by Visa, Mastercard or Internet Banking. All entries will receive confirmation of acceptance of their entry by return email.

Please click on the link below to open the entry form:

Flight Centre K2 2017 ONLINE ENTRY


Competitors that withdraw from the event prior to 3 weeks before race day can either have their entry fee refunded less a 25% cancellation fee or transfer their entry fee in full  to next years Flight Centre K2 or any other ARC event. There will be no refunds for withdrawals in the 3 weeks prior to race day. No refunds or transfers for Olympian entries.


In extreme weather  or Force Majeure the event may be cancelled at any time.  In this situation entry fees are non -refundable, although we will do our best to reschedule the event.


Entrants List

Click here to view the list of entrants.

Race Merchandise

K2 Jersey - $95 each

K2 Shorts - $125 each

K2_Merch_Kit_jersey_226x300.jpg  K2_Merch_Kit_bibs_159x300.jpg

K2 T-shirt - $40 each

Starting Procedures 

For safety reasons this year the Flight Centre K2 and Cervelo K1 races will have staggered starts. This is to help reduce the build up of large bunches.

For Group 1 and 2 of the Flight Centre K2  you will need to have achieved a certain time at previous K2 or Taupo to qualify (see below). This is to ensure a matching of ability.

To help you choose the right group we have provided a comparison of the Flight Centre K2 times versus Taupo below.

The starting groups will be as follows:

Flight Centre K2 Groups for 2016

Group Number Time 2016 Taupo

Finishers Equivalent

Group 1 50 Under 5:40 4% Under 4:10
Group 2 50 5:40 - 5:49 3%
Group 3 50 5:55-5:59 5%
Group 4 60 6:00- 6:09 6%
Group 5/6 120 6:10-6:19 8% 4:30 Plus
Group 7/8 120 6:20-6:29 10%
Group 9
60 6:30-6:39 11%
Group 10
60 6:40-6:49 6% 5 Hours Plus
Group 11 60 6:50-6:59 9%
Group 12 60 7:00-7:29 15%
Group 13 60 7:30- 8:00 9%
Group 14 60 8-9 Hours 11% 6 hours Plus
Group 15 (6.00am start)
30 > 9 hours 5%

Cervelo K1