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Tips from the Champs

July 04, 2017 at 4:35 PM

Last years winner of the K2 Stephen Lewthwaite provides a few insights into his success. Stephen has won the main K2 race twice now.


Here are some tips I use with the athletes and executives I coach both in bike performance and business leadership.


Tools - In my view heart rate monitor is essential. 


1. Wake up routine- have a simple 2 -3 minute routine to wake up the core and especially the "glutes" and hamstrings, note its not a work out it is a morning check in with yourself. Do something very simple first thing in the day leads to feeling better about tackling the fun stuff in the day.


2. Training - Keep it very simple


 a) do your long easy K's easy but not too easy, what I mean by that is do not free wheel the downhills if you need to you have probably gone to hard on the up hills or the hills are too steep for training. Pedal Pedal Pedal downhill and don't let your heart rate drop too low. By the end of the ride you might be a little tired but you should have no muscle soreness.


b) Hard Intervals in winter - great on the wind trainer, keeps them short, WT's are a great time saver. The key though is to do the work out hard caution though you want to feel exhilaration and endorphin rush not flogged like you can't walk. The aim is to build strength not destroy yourself. Rest and recovery days are very important.


Training needs to be a mood enhancer and stress relief, sleep well.


3. Healthy Nutrition - this is by far my favorite topic and specialty. As this can get quite complex very quickly I thought I would share with you what I ate on race day as many people ask me.


Race Day - 1 Cup of porridge, and 4 bottles of Balance sponsors product at each aid station and 2 x gels. That's it!


The important thing is what I eat in training and how I eat in the lead up to a big race or a big weekend of training. Training food varies dramatically from athlete to athlete depending on their goals body composition, intensity etc, so I will leave this topic for now.


Race Fuel Principles and long weekend training -  If you think about the simple practice of digesting food once the food has emptied the stomach we all have about 10 meters of intestine to start breaking down the food. There is and enormous amount of work going on in your body taking about 16 - 22 hours for complete breakdown so there is no point having big meals and training hard otherwise your body his having to do to much work.


I am a big whole foods fan, fruit, dark greens ad none starchy vegetables and bringing in starch at the appropriate time. So I eat large meals on Thursday morning and Thursday lunch time, modest Thursday evening and then a big breakfast on Friday morning. Race Sat.


This allowed for great sleep, digestion and feeling fully charged and ready to enjoy doing my best.


Please feel free to give me a call or email me any questions I am always happy to help.


Stephen Lewthwaite


022 621 1697