Race Update 6 - Additional Safety Messages

October 26, 2017 at 10:06 AM

As most of you are aware we have had a shocking few months of weather and it has had a huge impact on the Coromandel Roads with multiple slips blocking roads for weeks on end.

The good news is that the roading people have done a great job in reinstating the bridge at the bottom of the Kopu- Hikuai Hill and the major slip on Pumpkin Hill.

The not so good news is that there are still some rugged bits of road along the Thames coastline and on the climbs of the Manaia Hill and Kereta Hill. We are hoping that the roading teams will be able to sort out a few remaining pot-holes before the event, but we can’t guarantee it. We will give you an update at the race briefing.

There is also a small section of unsealed road at the bottom of the Kopu Hikuai Hill, just before the bridge that you will need to be careful on.

It does mean that you will all need to be doubly vigilant on these sections.

We would also like to remind you that we do not permit any support traffic on the course. This is for everyone’s safety, cyclists and other motorists. We have disqualified people in the past who have been seen being supported and we will do so again if it happens.

Finally, every year we have a few people who jump into the race without entering. They will not have read the safety rules and create an additional danger to all involved. Anyone seen who is not wearing an official number will be stopped by our accompanying motorcycle teams.

We may have some showers on race day so please make sure you have adequate clothing and if it is wet, it will get very slippery and you will need to be extremely careful, particularly on the descents.

Finally, a reminder that no aero bars are allowed in the event.


Look forward to seeing you all at the weekend and have a safe journey to the Coromandel