Flight Centre

Race Update 3 - Important Rules

October 23, 2018 at 7:10 AM

As many of you are aware the roads on the Coromandel are incredibly windy and in places extremely narrow. That along with the numerous climbs and descents means that it is critical that all our participants abide by our event rules. They are there to help keep you all safe.

Just a reminder of some of the more crucial ones.

 1.       The Roads are not closed to Traffic

The roads are not closed to traffic so normal road rules apply at all times

2.  No support crew or vehicles on the course.

 Our aim is to reduce the amount of traffic on the course. It is very difficult to overtake a bunch of cyclists on the Coromandel Roads and the more traffic on the roads the more dangerous it is for everyone. For this reason, we will disqualify anyone that is seen being supported by a vehicle of by friends on the side of the course.  One year we unfortunately had to disqualify the winner of the K2 because he was being supported from a vehicle by his coach around the course.

Furthermore, if you are taking part in the Cervelo K1 and friends /and or family are driving your car back to Coromandel, they should not follow the cyclists, they should go via Thames and not Whitianga.

If you are taking place in the Nicholas Browne Challenge and your car is being driven to Coromandel, it should leave before the start of the event and proceed directly to Coromandel.

 3.       No riding more than 2 a breast.

Ideally cyclists should be riding in single file and this will enable vehicles to pass you. We will have motorcyclists monitoring groups and if anyone is seen riding more than 2 a breast you will risk being disqualified. Just this weekend a group of cyclists were seen climbing the Whangapoua Hill, 4 a breast. This only helps to put us all off side with motorists and there is really no need for it.

 4.       No crossing the centre line onto the right-hand side of the road

Under no circumstances should you cross onto the other side of the road. This is particularly the case on the descents. Again, this weekend a rider descending the Whangapoua Hill was seen to be 3 feet over the white line by a vehicle coming up the hill.    

If you missed Race Update 1 and 2 – Please ensure you read the event rules and safety notes relating to your event. These can be found on our website under Race Information.  www.arcevents.co.nz