Flight Centre

Race Update 2 - Maintenance

October 14, 2018 at 8:11 PM

Apologies in advance to all of you who keep your bikes well serviced. 

Please ensure your bike is in good working order for the K2. The event will not only test your mind, body, soul and buttocks, it will also test your bike.

We would highly recommend getting your bike serviced before the event and particular items to check include your tyres, brakes, bearings and the cleats on your shoes.

I remember well a few years back, I went for a spin on my road bike from Coromandel over to Whangapoau on a clear sunny afternoon. I was descending on the beautiful, sweeping, bends of the Whangapoua Hill and thinking, this is what cycling is all about. I then heard a rather unusual clicking noise coming from the front wheel. I slowed to a stop to inspect where this rude interruption to my ride was coming from.

The culprit was the inner tube which was protruding out of a hole in the side of the tyre. Another couple of corners and it could have been fatal.

So please make sure you have a good set of tyres on for the event and that your brakes are working well. The hills of the Coromandel will test them to the max for sure.

If your cleats are getting a bit brittle, best to change them. Again, the climbs on this course will place maximum pressure on them and if they snap, it will ruin your ride.

There is nothing worse than putting all the physical effort into preparing for the race, only to be let down by a simple mechanical failure. Not only that if the bike is running smoothly and is well serviced, the ride will be a dam site easier. 

If you missed Race Update 1 – Please ensure you read the event rules and safety notes relating to your event. These can be found on our website under Race Information.