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The following rules have been developed to help keep you safe during your ride.

All the rules of the K2 apply with one exception. You are allowed a support vehicle on the first lap only.

There will be an K4 event marshall on the road during the first lap and K2 event marshalls during the second lap.

Key Road Rules

The road is not closed to other traffic
Riders must stay to the left at all times
Riders should not ride more than two a breast
Under no circumstances should riders cross over the centre line

The marshals are authorised to remove any rider from the course who is breaching the Key Road Rules.

Compulsory Gear

For the first lap, all bikes must have a strong front white light and 2 rear red lights fitted. It is recommended that one or both of the rear lights are set to flashing mode if riding alone, or at the rear of a bunch, in order to maximise visibility. Riders should also have a back-up front light or have a spare set of batteries in case batteries go flat.

All riders must wear the official K4 helmet cap for the entire race. This will be issued at race registration.

For all of the first lap and that part of the second lap ridden while it is still dark, it is compulsory for all riders must to wear high viz and reflective clothing at night, so they are visible to oncoming and following traffic. This includes as a minimum reflective and high- viz jacket and reflective ankle bands. A jacket or vest that is high-vis but not reflective is not sufficient.

Lights and clothing will be checked by the organisers prior to the start and riders who do not have lights and clothing as specified as above will not be allowed to start. There will also be a roving marshal on the curse to ensure that riders are wearing the appropriate high viz, reflective clothing. The marshals are authorised to remove any rider from the course who is not wearing the compulsory clothing or who does not have sufficient lighting.

Other Matters

Support Vehicles

Support vehicles are allowed on the first lap of the K4.

No support vehicles, associated with the rider, are to be on the course for the 2nd lap of the K4. Riders breaching this rule will be disqualified.

It is a police requirement that support vehicles must not follow directly behind their rider. Drivers must leap frog their rider and drive to the next available area where the vehicle can pull off the road completely and cause no hazard to other road users. Support vehicle driver behaviour will be monitored. Should a support vehicle breach these rules, their rider will be disqualified.

Aid Stations

There will be limited aid on the first lap. There will be a water station and toilets at Tairua (106km mark)

There will be a water/ comfort stop and showers available at the swimming pool in Coromandel Town at the end of the first lap. This is next to the start line by the School Hall.

There will be a Tail-End Charlie following the last rider during the first lap and the second lap.

On the 2nd lap there will be the following aid stations:
Water Station at Tararu Cultural Centre – Thames - From 6:30am
Water Station at Kopu-Hikuai Hill – From 7:15am
Water Station at Tairua – From 8:00am
Water Station at Pumpkin Hill – From 8:00am
Water Station at Kuaotunu Hill – From 9:30am
Water Station on Gentle Annie – From 10:15am

Other Matters

If you pull out of the race you must inform the race organisers immediately on 027 210 3734 or 0274 921 348
The Compulsory gear checks will take place between 9.00pm and 9.40pm at the Coromandel School Hall just prior to the race start on Friday evening
There will be compulsory race briefing at 9.40pm in the school hall. All riders must attend.
The event will start at 10.00pm sharp.