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Dirty K

The K2 has a long history of being one of the hardest one-day road races in New Zealand. We want to uphold the history that this event has, as being an honest day out, by offering another (dirty) event option for the new wave of gravel riders coming through - and to be frank, anyone that wants a tough challenge and a bloody good time.

Dirty K is a long loop of tarseal and gravel around some of the most picturesque areas of the Coromandel. We have unashamedly stolen a concept from our Enduro mates – the finishing times aren’t based on the overall loop time, but rather four timed segments throughout the ride. We aim to have a fun and relaxed atmosphere and really want to celebrate cycling. There’ll be as much emphasis on the post-ride party as the ride. Expect good swag, great food, filthy gears and killer beers!

The course is demanding (1,400 meters of climbing in 72 kilometers) but whilst this is challenging it’s definitely achievable. For the first event we’ve linked together some of the best roads in quiet and quaint northern Coromandel. The course features a mixture of surfaces (smooth tarseal, rough chipseal, gravel and hard-packed dirt) with two main climbs, valleys, coastal sections and a few gnarly descents.”

The four stages are below. We’ll load these as segments on Strava and anyone who wants to have these timed can run Strava on their computer/phone. At the end of the race we’ll have a HotSpot so people can upload their times to Strava which will collate all the results for each stage individually.

Stage 1:

17 Torehina Heights, Amodeo Bay > 1749 Colville Rd, Amodeo Bay
CLIMB 2km 130m

Stage 2:

3-13 Port Charles Rd, Colville > 432 Port Charles Rd, Waikawau
CLIMB 1.7km 113m

Stage 3:

621 Waikawau Beach Rd > 42 Waikawau Beach Rd (Bridge)
TT 5.5km Flat

Stage 4:

681-921 Kennedy Bay Rd > 435 Kennedy Bay Rd
CLIMB 4km 364m


Entry fee includes

 Dirty K Map

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