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Osprey Packs ARC Long

This year’s race is being designed so that all teams will finish between 15 and 24 hours. Our aim is to ensure that all teams will finish the course. The race will begin at 7.00am on Saturday with all teams finishing by 8.00am on Sunday morning

The emphasis is on strategy, navigation, good teamwork as well as physical fitness. 
The race is open to teams of  4 or 2 , being mixed, mens or womens teams. The main category is the mixed team of 4.

The race will include the disciplines of mountain biking, trekking, rifle shooting, mine exploration, navigation, rope work and a mystery activity. There will also be sea Kayaking and a non- sea kayaking option which replaces the sea kayak with another water activity and additional mountain biking.

All teams will require a support crew.


Race Categories:

ARC Short

The ARC Short is a special  non-kayaking Adventure Race. The race is open to teams of 2, 3 or 4 people with schools, mixed, mens or womens teams. The race is designed so that all teams will finish between 6 and 10 hours and can be completed without a support crew.

The race will include the disciplines of water activities, mountain biking, trekking, navigation, rifle shooting, mine exploration, rope work and a mystery activity.

The course is designed to encourage younger competitors and those that are new to adventure racing.

The race will start at 8.00am on Saturday morning with all teams finishing  by 6pm on Saturday evening.

Race Categories:

ARC Format

The ARC courses are made up of a larger number of stages designed to keep both the teams and support crews interested and focused on each stage. They are also designed to make teams think very carefully about the routes that they take. Each year we try and add a new innovation or two into the format and this year will be no exception.


The races will include the following disciplines:


Special Prize

Teams that complete one of our special mystery activities will go into the draw for a year’s exclusive use of Lach Greys amazing Insomniac Double Kayaks.

Some Comments from past Competitors

Quote - 2008  ARC  Winners  - Powered by Velvet.com 

"Another formidable but fun-filled and memorable challenge from the creative but twisted minds of the ARC team - we loved it!"

Quote - 2007 and 2009  ARC  Winners – Team Orion

“Magic!  Another exceptionally creative and fun event from the masters of Adventure Racing course design”

Team Orion went on to become the Adventure Racing World Champions and in 2009 won the Primal Quest

Quote - 2007/2008/2009  ARC Winners - Crash Bandicoot

The ARC Adventure race is truly unique.  The ARC team have developed a formula where it is more about the adventure than it is about the race…it is about teamwork, camaraderie and friendship.  Our team has competed in every ARC race and the quality of the adventure just keeps getting better every year.  This is the event that epitomises everything that is good about adventure racing and we wouldn’t miss it for anything!”

The ARC  won the 2006 and 2008 Sportzhub awards for best overall adventure race (captures the essence of adventure racing) and best value adventure race ( adrenaline versus entry$).

Community Based

The ARC is a community based event and is put together by local Coromandel people and a large number of local volunteers. The course travels over a large tract of land which includes and administered by DOC, local Iwi land and a number of private landowners, all of whom have kindly given us permission to use their land.

The net proceeds from this race go into the Spirit of Coromandel Trust which has been established to encourage and support local people, particularly youngsters into sporting and outdoor activities and to put something back into the land that we use for the enjoyment of future generations.