Race Update 3

February 02, 2018 at 4:13 PM

A few additional items and clues that might help you with your preparation


  1. We will be providing maps but if you are keen to get your own you should get the following
    1. ARC Long – BB35/BB36/BA35/BA36
    2. ARC Short- BB35/BB36
    3. Teams only require 1 x 4m length of rope rather than 1 per team member, should be strong enough to hold a persons weight.
    4.  The Long race will be tracked using yellow bricks and we will be providing live coverage during the race – Thanks to the Godzone team for providing.
    5. Both long and short racers are likely to get wet at some stage during the race, perhaps more than once.


We are still awaiting some of your teams details, please chase your teammates along if they have not yet registered.


We look forward to seeing you at registration and the race briefing next Friday in Pauanui.