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10th February 2018


A long time ago in the Kingdom of Britain lived a man called Arthur. He was something of a legend and many myths have been built around him and his knights of the round table. Perhaps the greatest myth of all is that of Excalibur. This was “Arthurs A Enigma” and involved the gallant knight Galahad and the search for the Holy Grail.

Galahad, the illegitimate son of Sir Lancelot, is presented to King Arthur’s court where he is accompanied by a very old knight, Sir Keith, to an unused seat at the round table. This has been kept vacant for the sole person who will accomplish the quest for the Holy Grail. For all others who have aspired to sit there it has proved immediately fatal.  Sir Galahad survives this test, witnessed by the King, who upon realising the greatness of this new knight leads him out to the river where a sword (Excalibur) lies embedded in a stone with an inscription reading;

"Never shall man take me hence but only he by whose side I ought to hang; and he shall be the best knight of the world."

Galahad accomplishes this test with ease, and King Arthur swiftly proclaims him to be the greatest knight ever. Sir Galahad is promptly invited to become a Knight of the Round Table, and soon afterwards is given the quest to seek the Holy Grail.

He joins forces with Sir Percival, Sir Bors and they link up with Percivals sister, Dindrane (mixed team of four), who leads them to the grail ship. They cross the sea in the ship and reach a distant shore and after many adventures Galahad eventually finds the Holy Grail.

The poet Tennyson wrote of Galahad

"My good blade carves the casques of men,

My tough lance thrusteth sure,

My strength is as the strength of ten,

Because my heart is pure."

As you read this you may recognise certain parallels with modern day adventure racers. They are good bastards who like a tough challenge and adventure.   If you take part in the next ARC Adventure Race, you will get to discover your own Exaclibur and you may even find the Holy Grail.

A small clue to the location of Excalibur, can be found in the italics above. As for the Holy Grail, only one team will come upon it, and they will win a very special accolade.

Taking part in the next ARC Adventure Race will be a great opportunity to escape from the shackles of everyday life for a weekend and experience something very special. 

You will get the chance to explore the oceans, rivers, coastlines, forests, bush and some of the hidden secrets of the Coromandel Peninsula, with some of your best friends. What could be better?

Some teams will be out to win. To outpace and outfox their rivals with cunning navigation choices and sound race strategies. Other teams will be out to have a great adventure and get themselves around the course.  The ARC is designed to satisfy and meet both of these different, but equally compelling, objectives.

This edition of the ARC will include 2 races.  A longer race that will take teams between 12 and 18 hours and a shorter race that will take teams between 6 and 10 hours.




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February 9, 2018

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Race Update 5

February 7, 2018

Kauri Dieback

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February 6, 2018

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February 2, 2018

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January 27, 2018


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January 27, 2018



November 22, 2017

Pauanui is the base for Excalibur, the next ARC Adventure Race

Provisional Results

February 19, 2017

Provisional Results for 2017 ARC

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August 9, 2016

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